How to Find the Perfect Anti-Chafing Running Shorts

Running for a marathon
By GoToVan (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0]
Jogging can be an inexpensive and aerobically beneficial way to get your recommended daily exercise. It is one of the most popular workouts in the country and is a great method of improving muscle tone and burning calories whether the runner is indoors and on a treadmill or exploring a trail path among the great outdoors. But for those who have larger thighs or narrow hips, running can create an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem that many shy away from talking about.

Chafing is an issue that is deceptively common and affects people of every different body shape and size. It is a problem that can plague every level of runner, from the amateur to professional marathoners. It can be a major annoyance, making it difficult to concentrate on anything else. Luckily, there are a number of ways to combat chafing through proper running shorts choice and other measures.

Compression Shorts

This type of garment does exactly what it is advertised to do. If your chafing results from large thighs, compression shorts help squeeze them into a smaller form so that they do not rub as much. In certain cases, compression shorts can even eliminate chafing altogether. They are also conducive to maintaining proper circulation, which serves as an additional draw.

Anti-Chafing Powder

Chafing results from an excess of friction between the moving parts of your legs while you run. A good way to reduce this friction is by wicking away moisture, cutting stickiness. While the traditional powder used to do this was talcum powder, there are now a number of different products on the market specifically designed for this type of implementation.


The mesh can be another way to reduce moisture created friction. The well-ventilated fabric ensures that sweat can leave the body instead of gathering in creases, which means that the legs stay drier and more chafe proof. The fabric is naturally also quite fine textured, which prevents bunching and allows it to rub the past itself repeatedly without pilling. This makes shorts last longer, even if legs rub during the running cycle.

If you experience chafing while running, do not hesitate to look at your options for reducing the severity of the problem. Ignoring the issue only makes it worse, and can make frequent jogging seem much less appealing. For those who are hoping to adopt jogging into their lifestyle, it is necessary to address any issues that pop up, including chafing.

Benefits Of Running Workouts

Running workout in the field

Pretty much everyone is aware that running is a great way to really get into shape. However, did you know that it has the potential to really benefit almost every single part of your body? Not only that but did you know that running comes with all kinds of other benefits as well? If not, you are not alone. For this reason, we will be going over some of the top benefits of implementing running workouts into your fitness routine.

Benefits Of Running Workouts:

  1. Improve Your Overall Health.One of the main benefits of implementing running workouts into your routine is the fact that it has the ability to truly benefit and improve your entire overall health. Research has proven that running can effectively raise your levels of good cholesterol while it can also help you increase your overall lung function and the use of them. Not to mention, it can help to boost your entire body’s immune system and even lower your risk of developing blood clots
  2. Lose Weight.Another benefit that you are going to get from running is the ability to lose weight. Because running is one of the best forms of exercise that you can implement in order to sustain weight loss, you are going to be able to truly utilize it to burn off excess calories and to stay at a weight that you are either comfortable with or to lose weight/fat.
  3. Boost Confidence.Another benefit that you are going to be able to get from running is the ability to boost your level of confidence. As noted above, not all of the benefits of running are physical. IT can help to really boost your confidence by allowing you to look better and ultimately feel better about yourself. This is going to help increase your confidence and hitting your goals will also help with this as well.
  4. Relieve Stress.Another benefit that you are going to get from implementing running workouts into your routine is the ability to truly relieve a fair amount of stress from your body. Because stress can result in a variety of mood and health problems, you are going to want to try to minimize it as best possible. Also, stress can ruin your appetite and even ruin your sleep altogether. Therefore, running will help by reducing the amount of stress that you have on a daily basis.
  5. Prevent Disease.Another benefit that comes with running is the ability to ward off diseases. In fact, with women, regular running has the ability to reduce the chances of developing breast cancer. Not to mention, it can reduce the chances of anyone having a stroke. A lot of doctors and health professionals recommended people to run that are in the early onset of diabetes.

As you can see, there are a lot of different benefits of running. Be sure to implement a good amount of cardio – specifically running – into your fitness routine to experience the many benefits associated with doing so.